Three Pageant Blogs

(Photo Credit: Flickr)

For my class this week I had to evaluate three of my favorite blogs.  I decided to concentrate on ones relating to pageants since that is what my own blog is about.  Here they are :

Lady Code

This blog was created by a former pageant contestant.  Her name is Lisa Opie and she has won many titles including Miss Nationwide and Miss South Florida USA.  She started her own swimwear line which has been picked up by multiple pageants including Miss World America.  Lisa’s blog is a great combination of her love for pageants, but it also includes other categories like makeup tutorials and fashion advice.  The blog is simple but easy to read while still having a lot of elements.  The way Lisa is able to weave so many different topics into her blog is an element I really enjoy.

The Great Pageant Community

The blog is dedicated to nothing but pageants.  It mostly follows Miss Universe which is why it is one of my favorites.  As someone who is competing at Miss Florida USA this summer with hopes of competing on the Miss Universe stage one day, this is a great source of information on the upcoming pageants.  It also features posts about what titleholders are doing worldwide, not just Miss USA.  I love the “Top 10” sections and would love to incorporate something similar into my blog.  The “Top 10” includes topics like “Top 10 Evening Gowns”, “Top Five Headshots”, etc.

The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry

This blog is the most serious of the three.  It provides in-depth analysis of all pageant systems.  It also has a heavy emphasis on the charity work pageants provide.  There is also coverage of different scandals that appear in pageantry.  The blog analyzes the performances of contestants which provides insight for people who are unable to attend. Overall, I would like my blog to have in-depth pieces like the ones found on Kaleidoscope.


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