Top 10 Miss Universe 2016 National Costumes

(All Photo Credits: Miss Universe Organization)

Every year, contestants at Miss Universe compete in the National Costume Contest.  This part of the competition is not part of the score.  Instead, it is a chance for contestants to show off their pride of their country and a fun and creative way.  The costumes can get wild.  Feathers, rhinestones, and fringe adorn these beautiful women as they represent their country.  Here are my top 10 costumes from this year’s competition.

10.) China


China was so fun and playful.  She had a beautiful glow onstage that grab my attention.  I love how she incorporated her love of pandas into such a beautiful gown.  She was also a pro with the fan.  Instead of just holding it, she twirled and played with it.  It made the presentation that much more memorable.

9.) Australia

65th Miss Universe Competition

I absolutely love what she chose for her national costume.  During her walk, which was perfect, the emcee explained that she wanted to use her national costume to prompt the dying reefs off the coasts.  It looked amazing onstage and it is wonderful to use such a creative medium to bring awareness to a cause.

8.) Nicaragua

65th Miss Universe Competition

The sheer extravagance of this costume lands it on my list.  There is so much going on but it all works together.  There was always something new to look at in the costume as her strutted down the runway.

7.) Great Britain

65th Miss Universe Competition

Great Britain was my favorite representation of a country’s flag and pride.  The costume was powerful but flowed beautifully onstage.  It made me think of Wonder Woman.  I believe in this moment, she felt she could do anything.

6.) Jamaica

65th Miss Universe Competition

This costume moved beautifully onstage with her killer walk.  The gems produced a regal look that made you watch her.  Plus, she nailed every single one of her poses. She was stunning.

5.) Angola


This costume was absolutely breathtaking.  I gasped when I saw her walk out on stage.  The gown sparkled under the lights.  She floated and oozed with confidence in her walk. At the same time, her smile lit up the room.  She was the first contestant and she left a lasting impression.

4.) Brazil

65th Miss Universe Competition

Part of the competition is not just about the opulence of the costume, it is about how the contestants present themselves.  Brazil absolutely killed her walk.  She looked like a Victoria’s Secret Model.  Maybe we will she her walking in the 2018 Fashion Show?

3.) Belize

65th Miss Universe Competition

This. Was. Killer.  She absolutely nailed the presentation.  Her energy was infectious and all the colors pop against her skin tone.  You could tell she was embracing her moment on stage and proud of her country.

2.) Ecuador

65th Miss Universe Competition

Every year, there are always a handful of costumes modeled after national birds. This is by far my favorite representation of a bird I have ever seen.  It was amazing when she came onstage.  It does not show in the photo, but this costume sparkled under the lights.  Also, her walk was so elegant.  She owned the stage.

1.) Myanmar


When she came onstage, I paused, pulled my boyfriend to my computer, and told him, “This is what a national costume is supposed to be.”  She was representing a puppet from a tradition in her country and she literally danced around onstage as a puppet.  It was so entertaining and the costume of the night making it number one on my list!

What do you think?  Did your favorite make the cut?  Comment below!


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