Top 20 Evening Gowns at Miss Universe 2016

(All Photo Credits: Miss Universe Organization)

Every year, people tune into the preliminary competition to watch 86 young women compete for the title of Miss Universe.  My favorite area of competition is evening gown.  There is nothing better than watching these women glide across stage in beautiful, flowing gowns.  This counts for 33% of the contestants score.  This year, contestants lined the stage in groups of three and walked downstage, towards the judges.  While I am not a fan of the format, the gowns were incredible this year.  There were plenty of sequins, lace, and rhinestones to go around.  Here are my top 20 favorite evening gowns from the preliminary competition.

20.) Uruguay


It is very hard to pull off a pink gown and not look like a gumball.  That is not the case here.  She looks amazing.  The color pops against her skin tone.  The glitter adds just enough sparkle without being too overpowering.  Also, the earrings are perfect.  They accent the silver in the dress and elongate her neck making her appear even taller.

19.) Vietnam


The amount of detail in this gown is incredible.  The chunky stones and sequins sparkled under the stage lights.  I love the amour inspired look.  It is powerful and strong. Granted, her walk was stiff but the gown is still amazing landing it in my top 20.

18.) Ukraine


This gown was outstanding onstage.  The detailing and layering keep your attention.  She glided up the stage during her walk.  I am not a big fan of the shoulder pads but everything else is a hit.  You could tell she felt beautiful.

17.) Great Britain


There is a lot going on in the gown.  You either love or hate it.  Personally, I love it.  There is so much sparkle and detailing.  The dress truly is a work of art and looked fantastic onstage.  Her presentation was very regal.  I believe if she had done a half-up half-down style with a gentle wave she would have made it higher on my list.

16.) Canada


This picture does not do her justice.  She looked amazing onstage.  She had so much sass and energy but still managed to be elegant.  The color popped and the mermaid cut hugged her curves in all the right places.  She lit up the stage.

15.) Brazil


She seriously needs to be a Victoria’s Secret model. She worked the runway.  The gown was very fun and sparkled onstage.  I love the vertical lines of sequins as they elongate her already tall frame.  Her hairstyle is fierce and does not distract from her features or the dress. She had my eye from the moment she walked onstage until the moment she walked off.

14.) Georgia


This is the definition of old Hollywood glamour.  Her dark hair and lip color pop against the white gown.  The layered trained flowed beautifully onstage.  She looked like she was gliding.  The lace detailing adds a sweet touch but without feeling too bridal.  The bodice hugs her waist and is completely covered in rhinestones.  The earrings bring attention to her face while still matching the pattern of the dress.

13.) USA


Of course Miss USA is on my list.  She is stunning and had a killer walk.  I love the red.  I also love how simple it is compared to her evening gown when she won Miss USA.  It really let her stand out with her walk and smize.  She killed it.

12.) Costa Rica


I am a huge fan of this style.  I love mermaid gowns with layered trains.  They move so well onstage and are flattering on almost all body types.  The dark blue color is great with her hair.  The lace is fun but the snug fit makes it sexy.  The rhinestones on the bodice draw your attention to her gorgeous face.  Her walk was sassy and cute.  Overall, a huge hit with me and the crowd.

11.) Netherlands


I am in love with Miss Netherlands.  I was so bummed when she did not make the Top 13.  Pulling off a gold gown is tricky.  You have to find just the right shade and she nailed it.  The dark brown glitter running throughout the gown helps the gown pop and shimmer onstage.  The simple strapless mermaid style elongated her frame.  Her soft curls and long earrings keep the attention to her gorgeous facial features.  A truly stunning gown.

10.) India


I love this style.  This was the only long-sleeved gown (where the sleeves were not sheer) and it made her stand out.  The red was beautiful for her skin and the curls add even more glamour.  Her walk was so elegant.  She oozed old Hollywood.

9.) Norway


I gasped when she started walking down the stage.  The baby blue color looked so cute on her and made her pale complexion glow under the bright stage lights.  The gown fit her to a T and it moved beautifully.  The up-do was perfect to show the cutout in the back and the earrings added just enough Sparkle.  She was adorable.

8.) Indonesia


This gown was so different and stunning.  Black is a very edgy color but it can be boring.  The pattern of the beading and straight neckline add a unique touch that made it one of my favorites.  It sparkled onstage.  The slit added a touch of sexiness to the otherwise modest ballgown.  Simple hair and earrings kept her from being overpowered and allowed you to appreciate the details of the gown.  She had a lot of fun with her walk and owned the runway.

7.) Cayman Islands


Yellow is another one of those colors that not everyone can pull off onstage.  However, she works it.  Yellow is clearly her color.  The lace detailing gives a sweetness to the gown but the sheer detailing and pickup in the train keep is sexy and age appropriate.  The short hair and simple earrings keep the look polished and do not overpower her or the dress.  Overall, I believe it was a huge hit.



I mean, just look at this photo.  She is an absolute goddess.  My eye went right to her when her group came out onstage.  The red is a beautiful color on her.  The slim fit of the gown flatters her shape and the shoulder trains flow beautifully behind her.  She had one of the fiercest walks of the night

5.) U.S. Virgin Islands


This is proof that proper alternations are a must for all pageant contestants.  Her already amazing body is smoking in this deep purple gown.  Onstage, the nude underlay had a subtle sparkle that was just enough for the stage.  I love how the lines in the gown create a flow that guides the eye from the top to the bottom.  She beamed during her walk.

4.) Denmark


Talk about a tall glass of water.  I love the liquid beading combined with the chiffon train.  It flowed and was tailored for an impeccable fit.  I gasped when she came onstage.  She was confident, statuesque, and owned her walk.  The soft curls are a classic and fit the dress perfectly.  Disney, I think you found your next Elsa.

3.) South Africa


One word: FIERCE!  Red was a popular color this year and this, in my opinion, was the best.  The gown shows off her figure and there is just the right amount of sparkle.  Pulling her hair back in a ponytail with the subtle sparkle drew the attention to her face.  She had one heck of a smize.

2.) Venezuela


This gown had been getting mixed reactions but I love, love, love it!  She looks like a Barbie.  She came onstage with a feather over-skirt covering the bottom half of the gown giving it the illusion of a ballgown.  However, she dramatically revealed the gorgeous column gown.  I love the touch of blue that plays off the over-skirt.  Her presentation was outstanding and she looked amazing.

1.) Angola


This was one of the first gowns of the night and I absolutely loved it.  I remembered it to the rest of the competition.  Green is a rare color to see and she stood out against the sea of white and red.  The beading is so detailed and glistened onstage.  I love the design on the shoulders.  It brings the attention to her face.  From the color, to the jewelry, to her hair and make-up, Angola nailed the evening gown competition.  She was wearing the dress.  The dress was not wearing her which is a key in choosing an evening gown.

What do you think?  Did your favorite make the cut?  Comment below!


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