Top 10 Swimsuit Walks at Miss Universe 2016

(All Photo Credits: Miss Universe Organization)

One of my favorite parts of competition is swimwear.  This is where contestants get to show off their hard work and dedication to a healthy lifestyle.  It is really empowering to be stage to strut your stuff around the stage.  Swimsuit is 33% of the contestants’ score.

10.) Netherlands


Netherlands, again, was one of my favorites so of course she made this list.  Her walk was adorable.  Her body looked amazing.  Plus, she nailed all of her poses.  She also looked amazing in this swimsuit.  Her skin is flawless.  I really wish she had made the Top 13.

9.) Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka took a risk in picking this swimsuit but I think it paid off.  She was the only one who wore this style which made her memorable.  The square neckline is incredibly flattering.  Her walk was spunky and full of energy.  Her choice to use minimal accessories and a simple hairstyle didn’t overpower the swimsuit which was the key to pulling off this look.  Also, she has legs to die for.

8.) Iceland


Iceland was a pleasant surprise when she came onstage.  First off, her body is killer.  You can tell she spent a lot of time in the gym prior to the competition.  Her smile was infectious.  I could not keep my eyes off of her.  Her walk was graceful and confident.  She knew the poses that flattered her figured and she hit every single one.

7.) Thailand


Thailand had a very sexy walk.  She used her height and mile long legs to her advantage.  The yellow swimsuit was a great choice that popped against her golden skin.  Usually, when contestants compete in swimsuit the go-to hairstyles are big curls or tons of waves.  I like that she went a different route and had pin straight hairs.  It added to the sexy appeal of her walk.

6.) Singapore


She, by far, had the cutest walk of the night.  Her smile was so genuine and she was incredibly bubbly.  Her body looks amazingly fit.  I love that she chose a patterned swimsuit.  It stands out onstage.  The color also compliments her skin very well.

5.) Paraguay


Another contestant that needs to be walking in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.  She was the tallest contestant this year at 6’2″ and she is all leg.  Her smile was radiate and confident.  She had a perfect balance of fun, bubbly, and sexiness to her walk.  She was definitely one of my favorites of the night.

4.) Venezuela


She looks like a Barbie doll.  Her body is lean, toned, and healthy.  She has legs for days.  Her hair and makeup are perfect.  She worked the runway and had her eyes on the judges the whole time.  It was a huge surprise for me when she did not make the Top 13.

3.) USA


She is known for her swimsuit walk and she did not disappoint.  She has a perfect balance of sweet and sexy. She has such a radiate beauty and warm smile.  Her walk was perfectly executed.  My eyes were on her the entire time in her group.

2.) Brazil


If she is not walking in the next Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show I will seriously lose it.  She looked incredible.  She clearly had the best “model” walk of all the contestants.  Her body looks so healthy!  I love the red swimsuit as well as the natural hair.

1.) France


Just look at this photo.  She absolutely killed swimsuit.  It is no wonder she won Miss Universe.  She had the most energy out of all the contestants.  She commanded the stage and lit up the room with her smile.  Bow down to the queen!

What do you think?  Did your favorite make the cut?  Comment below!


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