Miss Denmark Stripped of Crown – Twitter

(Photo Credit: Face of Denmark)

Mikkelsen’s successor has not been announced.  More to follow.

Mikkelsen posts to FB, “Hi everyone. I gotta admit the last few days have been overwhelming. I regret absolutely nothing”

“Due to the sudden hard media coverage on her own part, we felt obliged to dethrone her…” according to statement. http://bit.ly/2kzKXMy

They also received info that Mikkelsen was planning appearances on TV with hard criticism of the pageant.

Pageant learned Mikkelsen might have been involved after she returned from the @MissUniverse competition.

At the time, no evidence linking her to investigation so she hadn’t breached her contract.

Mikkelsen still allowed to compete @MissUniverse despite investigation.

Ex-boyfriend, Teodorin Obiang, vice president of Equatorial Guinea and president’s son had $100 million yacht seized.

Allegations link her to criminal investigation of her ex-boyfriend. Statement here: http://bit.ly/2kzKXMy

Breaking: Christina Mikkelsen, Miss Denmark 2016, stripped of her crown.


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