Miss Denmark Stripped of Crown – Opinion

(Photo Credit: Pageanthlogy 101)

This past week, the Face of Denmark Beauty Pageant stripped 24-year-old Christina Mikkelesen of her title as Miss Denmark 2016.  The announcement came after allegations concerning her actions in an alleged money-laundering scheme conducted by her ex-boyfriend, Teodorin Obiang.

Mikkelsen competed at Miss Universe a few weeks ago.  She ranked number four in my Top 20 evening gown post (below) and was solidly in the Top 20 for swimsuit.  After watching the preliminary competition, I thought if she had a strong interview she could easily make the Top 13. To my disappointment, her name was not called into the Top 13 during the final night of competition on January 30th.

From the research I have done, the Face of Denmark knew about the investigation into her ex-boyfriend when she won the title of Miss Denmark.  However, there were no allegations against her and the two were no longer in contact.  So, she was allowed to keep her crown.  However, shortly after she returned from the Miss Universe competition, allegations against her started to arise.  They also received information that Mikkelsen was planning appearances on TV with harsh criticism of the pageant.  Mikkelsen claims the organization demanded she lose weight for the Miss Universe competition and “only eat salads.”  Face of Denmark claims they politely asked her to lose 10 pounds for the swimsuit competition in a healthy way.

In terms of Mikkelsen’s ex-boyfriend, he is the vice president of Equatorial Guinea and the president’s son.  The investigation against him ignited after his $100 million yacht was seized by the Dutch in Holland in December.  The investigation claims he spent his country’s treasure on himself.  He allegedly used these funds to purchase the yacht as well as Ferraris, Lamborghinis, an Aston Martin, and a Bugatti.

I cannot help but feel sorry for Mikkelsen.  Her ex-boyfriend’s actions are questionable to say the least and it sounds to me like she simply is in the wrong place at the wrong time.  The two have split and have not contacted each other since the break-up.  Clearly, something went wrong, she left, and moved on with her life.  What her ex-boyfriend did can only be attributed to her so much.  In the end, the only information available to the public is that these are just allegations.  The Face of Denmark said in a statement on their Facebook page that “allegations were just allegations.”  I question the sudden change of heart and I wish more information was available on the investigation.

I also do not agree with any pageant asking a contestant to lost weight.  The swimsuit competition is supposed to be empowering.  Demeaning a woman by telling her she needs to lose ANY amount of weight is not acceptable.  Instead, the organization should concentrate on building up her confidence so she could perform at her very best.

Overall, I am disappointed in the decision.  Mikkelson completed the biggest part of her contract by competing at Miss Universe.  She was a beautiful representative to send.  Now, whoever assumes the title will only have a few short months as Miss Denmark 2016 and not even have the chance to compete at Miss Universe.  Competing at Miss Universe is the biggest prize of the competition.  Honestly, I think it would have been better to let her serve out her reign and crown her successor.


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