National Dress Day

March 6th was National Dress Day.  This day serves as a way for women (and men) to share their favorite dress or dress memory on social media.  After 10 years in pageants, I can say with complete confidence I own more gowns than socks, shoes, and underwear combined.  For #NationalDressDay, I am counting down my Top 3 favorite gowns.

3.) The knockoff I want to steal from Amber…….


This past Halloween, Amber and I decided to reenact the infamous moment when Steve Harvey announced the wrong winner at Miss Universe.  Amber had worn this dress when she crown her successor as Miss University of Miami 2014.  I loved the way it hugged her frame and the color popped against her creamy complexion. I always wanted an excuse to wear it.  When Amber and I decided I would be Miss Philippines and she would be Miss Columbia we both knew I could finally wear this dress.  I felt amazing all night and she almost did not get it back.  Another amazing aspect of this gown is the price.  Amber only paid $10 since she ordered it on a discount website.

2.) The Ariel  Dress


I bought this gown for the Miss United States Forestry Scholarship Pageant in 2015 where I placed in the Top 10.  My mom and I came up with this nickname after multiple people told me I looked like Ariel with my cherry red hair.  This dress has every single detail I have ever wanted in a gown.  There are sequins, beads, rhinestones, plus a huge train.  The movement is absolutely breathtaking onstage.  However, this gown lands in my number two spot because I believe it is cursed.  Everyone always says green is a winning color on a redhead.  For whatever reason, this is not true for me. I have only won a couple of local, small town pageants in this gown.

1.) The Empire State Building Dress


This is by far my favorite gown mainly because of the story behind it.  After what I consider to be the hardest day of my life, my mom took me to the mall to get my mind off things.  We walked into the giant JCPenny at Dadeland Mall and took the escalator to the second floor.  We were not looking for anything in particular.  We were just exploring.  Out of the corner of her eye, she saw this gown hanging on a rack.  She had me try it on and when I walked out, she gasped.  We bought it on the spot.  My mom started calling it the Empire State Building dress.  We really have no idea why but it just fits.  I won my current title in this gown along with Miss Florida Forestry Hospitality 2015.  Every single time I put on this gown, I think of that moment shopping with my mom.  This puts the gown at the top of my list and I do not see another one taking its place any time soon.






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